INTRODUCING The Entelechy Method™ from The GP Coach

A transformational coaching programme developed specifically for Doctors and Caring Health Professionals (or any professional in a high-stress environment).  

I have lived through the experience of becoming disconnected from me and my inner “true self” and I have seen many Doctors and other caring professionals do the same. You feel lost on many levels- 

  • you may have lost your direction (you may be facing navigating a career crossroads or may be thinking of leaving medicine).
  • you may have lost your wellbeing (you may be feeling overwhelmed or burnt out).
  • you may have lost your relationship with yourself yet continue to be compassionate and caring to others whilst not taking care of you. You are last on your to-do list or may not even be on your list at all.
  • you may have lost your work-life balance – work is consuming most of your time and your precious energy and you have little, or nothing left to give at home, to others or yourself. 
  • You may have lost you job satisfaction and can’t quite put your finger on what is wrong. You may even be thinking of leaving Medicine. 
  • you may have lost your confidence and your voice of self-doubt is loud and repetitive. Your imposter syndrome may be raging.
  • you may have lost sight of your purpose or your path.

I had some amazing coaching sessions which enabled me to reconnect with myself and my purpose and quieten the voice of my self-doubt so my self-confidence could flourish. I then took a courageous leap and began my coaching training.  I had found the right flight path for me and I no longer felt lost!  I had a purpose, and I was growing again- both personally and professionally! What a joy!

What is ‘Entelechy’ and why have I used it to name my coaching programmes?

(pronounced ‘En – tel – ech – ee’)

Entelechy is an ancient term and was defined by Aristotle as “the condition of a thing whose essence is fully realised” and “the potential of things to become themselves”.

Joseph Campbell, the philosopher, teacher and writer, later wrote that every living thing has an entelechy, including human beings.  He used the metaphor of the acorn to illustrate this.  The acorn has within it all the information encoded within it, its entelechy, to become an oak tree, even though it looks nothing like an oak tree when it is in its acorn state. The acorn needs light and water, the right growing conditions to grow, however, these external conditions do not determine what the acorn is to become.  It is the same for you an me, we all have our entelechy too- the essential purpose encoded within us and a life force that can drive our full evolution and enable us to reach our potential.


We all get disconnected from our entelechy at some point, through life events and other influences at work and at home. 

This can lead you to experience feelings of dissatisfaction with your life – however, you can’t quite put your finger on why you are feeling that way.  

You have a choice at this point – to continue this way or to be brave, look inside at your entelechy and reconnect with your true self and find your path.

Taking flight, takes courage!

The Entelechy Method™ is designed to help you boost your wellbeing, unlock your potential and find your path.

Or in other words, it is designed to realise your ‘Entelechy’

If you’re ready to look inside, then coaching with me is the ideal supportive space and The Entelechy Method™ will guide you through your journey.

With me as your co-pilot, we will work from the inside out to first find your true self, and then, to find the path in life that’s right for you. 

My style is practical and effective, using a mix of different coaching techniques that will support you to:

  • understand your own values, strengths and motivators
  • help you to manage your inner critic and self-doubt 
  • connect with your inner wisdom about who you are and what you really want
  • uncover blocks that are stopping you from moving forward in your life and work goals
  • develop new thinking, new behaviours and new habits 
  • create a personal toolkit to enhance your personal and professional development

Through a series of coaching sessions, I provide an empathetic, non-judgemental, safe space for you to conquer your fears and let your dreams take flight! 

If you’re ready to look inside, then coaching with me is the ideal supportive space and The Entelechy Method will guide you through your journey.

The Entelechy Method™ is for you if

  • You want to put the joy back into your everyday work (and life)
  • You want to change direction or grow within your medical (or other professional) career
  • Or you’re thinking of leaving Medicine (your profession) to follow a new path

Whatever challenges you’re facing or goals you want to reach in your work or personal life, I can give you the support, skills, and tools you need to map out the next right step for you.  

Let me take care of you, so you can thrive.  

Are you ready for take-off?

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